about lee anne white

Photo by Alaina Troha

Photo by Alaina Troha

Artist Statement

The beauty, essence and changing complexion of natural, designed and cultural landscapes fascinate me. I enjoy them most in the quiet moments—in the soft light of sunrise and sunset, on winter days when trees bare their bones, and on foggy mornings when less is visible and the world doesn’t seem quite so complicated. I also have a passion for plants—not just the flowers, but the leaves, bark, berries and seedpods, too. Whether towering trees or delicate woodland wildflowers, I strive to capture the essence of their spirit—perhaps a gentle gesture or defining characteristic.

Craftsman aesthetics and wabi-sabi sensibilities resonate with me. I find beauty in the simple, natural, handcrafted and imperfect. In addition to photography, I create photo encaustic works on wood panels, handmade books and mixed media collages. Encaustic, which is an ancient method of painting with melted beeswax and Damar resin, adds depth, texture and a sense of mystery to a finished piece. 


Lee Anne White is a photographer, artist, writer and educator whose landscapes, seascapes and botanicals have been exhibited in both solo and group shows, including 30 works on permanent display at Brenau University. She is the author and photographer of numerous books, including Closer to Nature: The Alluring Landscapes of Simmonds & AssociatesThe Mutable Sea: Reflections on Change and more than a half-dozen titles on landscape architecture and garden design. She is the former editor-in-chief and a major contributing photographer for Fine Gardening magazine.. Lee Anne earned a master’s degree in creative studies at Buffalo State College and a bachelor’s degree in journalism, broadcasting and commercial art at Brenau University. She has studied with Kate Breakey, Robert Medina Cook, Laura Wait, Joyce Tenneson, Lisl Dennis, Tim Cooper and Brenda Tharp. She is an instructor for The Maine Media Workshops, where she teaches botanical photography..

In addition to fine art photography and mixed-media, Lee Anne handles assignments for publishers, landscape architects and garden designers.